Cannon's Well Pump Service BBB Business Review

Mike Cannon and his son, Jesse

“Mike is out on his own and he’s doing really well — that says a lot when it’s just your first year in business,” said customer Ken Bigham. “Mike has come out several times, usually during an emergency — he’s come out on holidays and Sundays. He looked at my system, found the problem and fixed it. He also looked at the bigger picture and went above and beyond. He’s very professional — I feel like he’s doing things right. He’s a good, solid guy and I give him my highest recommendation.”

Mike Cannon, Owner/Technician


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In The News

Published in The Union Newspaper, Feb 9, 2015

Mike Cannon grew up playing in the orchards of Contra Costa County’s small town of Brentwood.

“As kids we were always outside,” he said. “Sometimes we would eat the fruit off the trees and farmers would run us off, but most of them let us pick from the outer rows.”

Once, when a farmer showed young Cannon his well, he was amazed by how much fruit could be grown with one small water source.

In his early 20s, Cannon landed a job with Dejesus Pump and Well Drilling and he credits his hometown boss with sparking an interest in the business of wells.

“Ernie became a mentor to me — I learned my work ethic from him,” said Cannon. “His trucks were always meticulous. I learned the value of organization and efficiency. Customers appreciate that.”

Cannon began to see just how far good customer service can take a company, as Dejesus Pump and Well Drilling was flourishing.

As the years passed, family obligations took Cannon to various places, including Arkansas, where he again got a job working for a small well drilling and service company.

In the late ’90s, Cannon moved to Grass Valley and spend the next 13 years working for a Nevada County drilling and pump service as their lead service technician.

But after 21 years of working for someone else in the water well drilling and pump industry and 17 years in Nevada County, Cannon was eager to start his own business. He gleaned the best practices and strategies from the companies he’d worked for over the years and decided to focus exclusively on well servicing, maintenance and installation.

In January of 2014, he launched Cannon’s Well Pump Service and never looked back. Many customers who were familiar with his experience and expertise in the past didn’t hesitate to seek out Cannon’s services now that he was on his own.

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